Donating To ZamorakEdit

Donating to Zamorak helps keep our Website and Server running efficiently and helps us further build our community, Because without Donations. There can be no Zamorak.


One way to obtain items is by Donating for Runecoins. Runecoins is Zamorak virtual Currently that allows you access to the Runecoin Shop located Outside the Bank, Runecoins is a way to Donate for items but you will not Recieve a Donor rank. Below are images of what inside the Runecoin Shop and below will be prices.

Runecoin Items Price
PartyHats 35,000 RC ea

Halloween Masks

35,000 RC ea
3rd-Age Sets 30,000 RC ea
Armadyl Godsword 20,000 RC ea
Dragon Claws 25,000 RC ea
Armadyl Battlestaff 20,000 RC ea
Armadyl Runes 20 RC ea
Barrows Armor Sets 10,000 RC ea
Dice Bag 10,000 RC ea


You can also donate to the server, but at the same time aquire a Rank and a Usertitle + Icon in-game. There are four different types and will be explained below.

Normal DonatorEdit

  • Cost: 7.50$ USD
  • Duration 31 Days
  • Access to chat effects (flash2, wave2, etc). Normal player's can't use this and are limited to only yellow text.
  • Your experience is 1.5x higher than that of a regular player.
  • You will receive a trimmed skillcape when you ask Max for one, whereas normal players receive untrimmed capes.
  • Your untradeable items will not disappear when you die;they will stay equipped or in your inventory.
  • Custom Yell Tag and donator symbol in chatbox.

Extreme DonatorEdit

  • Cost: 15.00$ USD
  • Duration: 31 Days
  • You receive 2 loyalty points per hour instead of 1.
  • Custom Yell Tag and extreme symbol in chatbox.
  • All of the benefits of a regular donator.

Ultimate DonatorEdit

  • Cost: 20.00$ USD
  • Duration: 31 Days
  • Custom Yell Tag and ultimate symbol in chatbox.
  • All of the benefits of extreme & regular donators.
  • Access to ::bank as long as you're not in a minigame or in the wilderness.

Total PackageEdit

  • Cost: 30.00$ USD
  • Duration: Permanent
  • You will recieve every possible Ability you get from the other donator ranks
  • You will have these abilites for life.


Voting is another important part of the community this is how we can obtain more players and grow our community! From voting you can Obtain Voting Points x5. 2 Million Coins or Curse Prayers for 48 hours. Below will will be an image of the shop with Prices underneith.


Voting Points Items Prices
Ring Of Wealth 20 VP
Combat Lamp 10 VP
Vote Ticket (5M) 10 VP
God Helms 5 VP
God Armor Sets 10 VP
Barrage Set 10 VP
Grative Rapier 30 VP
Gravite Longsword 35 VP
Gravite 2-Handed Sword 40 VP
Gravite Staff 35 VP
Gravite Bow 35 VP