Quests and minigames.

Zamorak has its own small group of mini games and compressed quests, each giving access too some of the most sought after and useful rewards in the game.

Where is it?Edit

This area can be accessed by first clicking on the "task system" tab, in between the combat styles and stats tab, then the "Quests & Minigames" icon.

This will tele port you too a caved area, simply head too the North West corner of the cave, by following the path given too arrive. 


Eblis - The man in white, speak too him to start the quest Desert Treasure, which upon completion will give you the ability too cast spells from the anceint magicks spellbook (switch too this by speaking too wizard mizgog at home, outside the western store).

Dark Mage - The dark mage will begin the minigame dark invasion, where you must survive wave after wave of zombies against the clock. The points from this can be exchanged within his store for various items from the void knight and barbarian outposts.

Oneiromancer - Starts the quest Lunar deplomacy, in which you must defeat 4 enemys, increasing in difficulty. Completion of the quest will unlock the Lunar spell book, with the all favourite vengeance curses.

Gypsy - Will teleport you too an arena too fight some rather challenging enemys, the reward for this is access too the culinaromancer's gloves, these are not bought from the gypsy, but instead by right clicking the chest and selecting "buy items".

Enoila - Talk to him and gain access too your bank account, much easier to use the chest as a bank , he is usually ignored.


- You may purchase the culinaromancers gloves by right clicking the bank chest, all gloves require 1 defence to wear except barrows, which require 70.

- You may step out using the portals in between each boss during the quests if they are proving difficult, giving you time too restock your inventory with food and potions.