20100130182509!Herblore cape (t) equipped

A player wearing the trimmed version of the Herblore cape.

Herblore, the art of potion making. Although one of the least popular skills remains one of the most respected too have achieved skill mastery in.

Getting StartedEdit

The easiest way too start this skill is cleaning herbs. Every herb dropped by a monster is found in its "grimy" state, simply click the herb too clean and gain the xp. Each herb gives varying amount of xp and is an excellent way too begin the herblore skill. 

Name  XP Level
Guam 1
Marentill 5
Tarromin 11
Harralander 20
Ranarr 25
Toadflax 30
Irit 40
Avantoe 48
Kwuarm 54
Candantine 65
Lantadyme 67
Dwarf Weed 70

Many of the monsters around Zamorak frequently drop herbs but some of the favourites for collecting herbs among players are;

Enemy Location Combat Level
Chaos Druid Taverley Dungeon 13
Black Demon Taverley/Training Dungeon 172
Banshee Slayer Tower 23

Potion MakingEdit

This is where the skill becomes acctually useful, rather than just cleaning the dirt from herbs you create different potions, each temporarily raising your stats. In order too create a potion you must also collect secondary ingredients too use alongside the herbs.

Secondary Dropping Monster Location Used to Create
Eye of Newt Banshee Slayer Tower Super Attack
Limpwurt Root Cyclops Warriors Guild Super Strength
Crushed Nest Armadyl  God Wars Dungeon
White Berries Corporeal Beast Corporeal Beast Super Defence
  • Thanks to "PvM 4 Cash" for the list of secondary ingredients.