Server RulesEdit

-Staff Impersonation: You are not allowed to pretend to be staff under any circumstances. This includes: "I'm a mod on my main account you're getting banned" regardless of whether or not you're actually a moderator. Punishment: 1 Party hat of your choice.

-Bug Abuse:

Abusing any bug that you find on the server is one of the most severe rules you could break. If you find a bug/glitch, report it to Shawn and

Player muted for spamming.

you will be rewarded depending on its significance.

Punishment: Lap Dance From Lime And SnugglyWolf.

Account Sharing: This is to prevent any hacks / scams given with making services or sharing it. Any reports on items being stolen due to being hacked or scams will not be compensated. Punishment: BlowJob From Lime.

-Real World Item Trading: You are not allowed to trade In-game items for real world money or vice-verse, both parties will be punished if proof is supplied. Punishment: 40-72 hour ban for both parties.Afking In -Dungeoneering: Anal Sex With garret

Forum RulesEdit

-Bypassing the Censor: Using characters not contained in the censor to create a censored word is not allowed. Punishment: 1 Hour with Lime Feel free to do anything

-Grave Digging: Re-bumping a post that's been dis-commented on for 3 weeks or longer, this will be classed as grave digging, unless a valid reason is brought forth. Punishment: 116 hours with snuggly since she's ugly

-Ban Evasion: If you have received a ban on your main account, you are not allowed to use a new account to access the forum. Punishment: TittyFucking From Lime.

-Flaming: Flaming is not accepted under any conditions. This includes racial slurs, excessive swearing at a person, or any other means of putting down somebody constantly. Punishment: Testicle Suck

-Staff Impersonation: Attempting to fool a member in to thinking you're a member of staff is not allowed and creating an account with the username similar to a staff member will not be tolerated. Punishment 5 Stick Ins

Global Rules Sending masses of messages of irrelevance, or unnecessary, generally short, comments that sole purpose is to increase post count. Dum DUm dum NO Punishment
Server: (24-72 hour mute)

-Libel: Falsely accusing somebody of something that is damaging to their reputation is not acceptable. Punishment: Fivesome :)
Server: (24 Hour Mute)

-Rank Request: Requesting a staff member to be demoted in a provocative way (e.g "DEMOTE TYLUUR!"," TYLUUR4DEMOTE"). Punishment: Forum: Become server Mod
Server: (24 Hour Mute)

-Advertising: Talking about any other RuneScape Private Server that is not Zamorak is not accepted.
This also means Server's that aren't in operation! Punishment: Forum: 999 virtual girlfriends
Server: 48 Hour Mute

-Flaming: Flaming is not accepted under any conditions. This includes racial slurs, excessive swearing at a person, or any other means of putting down somebody constantly. Punishment: Server Punishment: 24-72 Hour Mute
Forum Punishment: Condom (Free)

-Harassment: Trolling or belittling users excessively is counted as harassment and will not be tolerated. Punishment: Forum Punishment: 2 Infraction Points
Server Punishment: Anal Sex With lime

-Racism: Any Racial Slur or comment that offends ones Race is not tolerated. Punishment: Forum Punishment: 5 Infraction Points
Server Punishment: Anal sex with Snuggly

-Staff Disrespect: Disrespecting a member of our staff team or player assistants will not be tolerated, they're here to help you.

Forum Punishment: Feel Free to Do so
Server Punishment: Feel Free to do so