Extensive Information on skilling in Zamorak


Thieving was released when the server came out, it was and still is today the First 99 most players who join Zamorak get, but its very troublesome to click and by our Calculations is takes over 1,000 Clicks to reach 99!

It's a fairly easy skill and requires no skill to do, just open you Tasks Systems Tab, and click the "Thieve
Stall thieve
" button, and you'll be teleported to Miscelleania. Once you have successfully filled your entire inventory you may also sell your newly aquired goods too Peer the Seer.

Exp Table

Stall Experience Sale Price
Crafting Stall 840 500
Food Stall 1,260 1,000
General Stall 2,310 1,500
Magic Stall 5,780 2,000
Scimitar Stall 9,850 2,500