100px-Abyssal whip detail

A weapon from the Abyss.

Examine - "A weapon from the Abyss."

Abyssal WhipEdit

One of the most sought after and powerful one handed melee weapons, requiring 70 attack too wield and hitting at the incredible speed of once every 2.4 seconds, it is a very common sight throughout the server.

Weapons Main
Slash +82
Strength 82
Type Slash
2.4 seconds


The usual price for a whip is 20m, and is bought from other players as it is a tradeable item.

Monster   Combat level   Quantity   Rarity  
Abyssal demon 146 1 Rare

The Abyssal demon is the only creature in the game that drops the Abyssal whip, it can be found on the 3rd floor of slayer tower, just north of Canifis. Abyssal demons require 85 slayer too kill, and can be given as a task by Vanakka outside the bank at home. A ring of wealth is recommended whilst trying too recieve the drop, as it greatly increases the odds of getting one.

- The special attack uses 50% of the bar, and drains the enemys run energy